How to Read Faster and Comprehend With Effective Principle

How to Read Faster and Comprehend more by Reading less

Do You find yourself Astoundingly Intimidated by Large Pieces of Information? I do, almost every day. How to Read a Book Fast and Comprehend better? Large Textbooks Staring in your Face Like Grumpy Old Cats, except for the Fact that these won’t go anywhere unless you Pay your dues and Finish them.

Do You want to Read Faster and Turbo-Charge your Reading Efficiency? Or Do You Want to Soar through Large Oceans of Information Effortlessly?

Then I suggest you Read along because Just like you, I too had all My Enthusiasm Vaporized every time I saw anything that Required effort to Comprehend.

I’ve Created My Own Cheat Sheet Which Will Definitely Help you Cruise through Books and Other Forms of Data with Might.

According to Recent Studies, an Average Reader has an Attention Span of only about 8.25 seconds.

Average Human Span. Comprehend more with this Lifehack

You too must be Overwhelmed at times, by those large books and all that Information.

I Scoured through the Internet, went through Hundreds of Books. I even went to Some of those Unbearable Reading Classes in order to Get better insights into Reading and Learning Behavior.

Quitting a book just because It doesn’t have too many Pictures or Interesting Fables is not much of an option.

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Ok, So Let me tell you beforehand, this piece is Going to be longer than the other posts, Much Longer.

I would also Like to Introduce the “Layered Technique” for Garnering any New Skill or Knowledge and to Comprehend better. More on that Later.

Read Faster Efficiently

Books and Courses out there, exploit your insecurities and promise to transform you into Some sort of Number Crunching Genius.

Behold, Here I Present my 3S Principles For Reading Faster and Smashing through Complex Data Like a Pro.

I’ve Used My own Experiences from the Past while Coming up with these Techniques.

These have been Designed keeping the Average Attention Span in Mind So that You Cruise through these Principles Effortlessly.

Taking Cues from the Layer Model We’ll go through Information Several times for Better ‘Mind Registering’. Not paying much Detail but simply Gliding through it Several times.

So Let’s get to Work.

Principle #1. Scan

 This Is the First and the Most Effortless Step, all you need to do is to Understand the Giant You are Dealing with.

Just as You Casually Inspect someone you meet for the First time at College or Work, similarly Inspecting the Material you need to Go through is a Very Crucial Step.

Even Spiderman couldn’t Glide effortlessly across the city if he doesn’t know his way around the city.

Read Faster

If it’s a Book, Look at it’s Front and Back Covers. Look at the Content Index, Read the Author or the Contributor’s Names. Get hold of the Number of Pages. Just look at the Number of Paragraphs per page, How the Information has been Divided into Categories and various Subheadings.

Don’t get too Serious Right now, we are Just Shaking Hands with our New-Found Friend Here, We Don’t want either One of Us to be Intimidated.

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Don’t Get into the Details right now, Save that for Letter. Right Now, just let the Feel of the Material Sink in.

If it’s some other form of Document and in order to Comprehend, you must Scan it as well. If it’s some Digital Book or Document, Scroll Up and Down through the Pages.

The Categorization of Data has been done to aid the Reader’s Experience. Use it to Your Advantage.

See if it has any Images, Check for any other Form of Media as it’s going to Play a Very Crucial Role in the Later Principles. See how many Pages long the Copy is, Get a Rough Idea of the Length.

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Time to Move on to the Next, a bit Serious Part of the Process, Scrutiny.

Principle #2. Scrutinize

So, By Now you have Gauged the Depth and Content Variety of the Information at Hand, now it’s time to Dive deeper and Get hold of the Facts.

Remember I told you about the Media and Pictures Earlier? Now’s the time to use them to our Advantage.

Now as we Scroll through the Information once again, Take a Look at the Key Pictures and Diagrams present.

How to Read a Book Fast. Comprehend and Read Faster

See if there are Charts and Graphs. Look at the Highlighted content or Boxes Present which conveys some special information.

It’s time now to Find the Key Points around the Content in Order to Hook our attention to Specific Points and Details that Matter. Having a Pen or Highlighter at had will further aid this Process.

Remember, you are still not Learning the Facts as of yet.

Identify the Pictures and Diagrams that You Find Important, take cues from the Paragraphs Surrounding it.

Don’t Hesitate to Put a Tick mark for Recognition Later. These Tick Marks will serve as Hook points later.

Later when you Read the Content for the Third time as part of the Layered Technique, these Hook Points will help you Soar across the Jungle of Information like Spiderman Glides across the City Using Sky High Buildings as Hooks.

These Ticks and Markings will act as Buildings on which we’ll Stick our Spider Web and Glide across the Study.

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Since we’ve Created our Sky Scrapers by now, now it’s time to Soar across the City and Enjoy the View,

Principle #3. Soar

We Know our Way across the City, We’ve Erected the Sky Scrapers to Stick our Spider Web on and now it’s the time to Glide across the city and Enjoy the view.

This is the last and Essential most step, it’s time to Weave the Several points together and Recollect the Information.

Now, you have Created essential Hook Points and know your Information inside out it’s time to use the hooks and Wreak havoc.

How to Speed Read.

This is the Serious Part, pay attention.

Go through the Pages One by One and Join the Dots now.  On each Page, you already have Key Points highlighted. It’s time to Comprehend the Information as One Piece.

Don’t forget to Take aid of the various Media forms such as Pictures and Graphs in the Document.

You Might be thinking Where’s the Quick Reading in this when You have to Go through the Same Piece of Information not Once but Thrice?

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Even though you are Reading the Same Content thrice but the Relative Speed and Intent of Reading are Different every time, this is different from how People Generally Read without following the 3S Principle.

It may take a while to catch up and implement these Principles at first, But it will definitely be worth it. After a Few Days of Practice, you will start seeing an effective increase in your Speed Reading abilities.

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